[Covering portions of Aitkin, Carlton, and St. Louis Counties]

Make Every Drop Count
Rain Barrel Incentive Program

The Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed Management Project began offering a Rain Barrel Incentive Program in 2015. Interested property owners were able to get a coupon good for $ 25 off the purchase price of a rain barrel.  

2015 Results:  Four landowners in the Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed took advantage of this program.  They were able to purchase their rain barrels at a reduced price - saving money and protecting the environment by managing stormwater runoff.

This program was offered until August of 2018.  Landowners were able to obtain their rain barrels locally at a reduced price. A total of 31 rain barrels were purchased through this program!

Thanks to Groth Lumber Company in Wright for partnering with us on this program.  We'd also like to thank the EPA Section 319 Grant Program and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for providing the funding for this program.

What is a Rain Barrel?  A rain barrel is any type of container that is used to catch water flowing from a downspout. Stormwater runoff is reduced by capturing the roof runoff and storing it.

What are the benefits of using a Rain Barrel?  A rain barrel will provide water for use on lawns and gardens. Soil erosion at the outlet of a downspout is eliminated. They can reduce stormwater runoff that might reach lakes and rivers, protecting water quality.

Looking Back At 2018!

Discount Coupons were available through Watershed Project Members, Groth Lumber Company, or by calling the Aitkin County SWCD at (218) 927-6565 ext 110.

Coupons were good for $ 40 off the price of a Rain Barrel, when purchased at the  partnering local business. Our partner for 2018 was:

Groth Lumber Company
6747 Pacific Ave., Wright
(218) 357-2263

Thanks to Groth Lumber for assisting with this project!
  Sorry, but this program ended in August of 2018